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You know you're doing extended breastfeeding...

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...when your nursling pauses to tell you a knock-knock joke and then keeps nursing.
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That's so cute!
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I love nursing older babies!

I have one (cuz this is a game, right?

...when your nursling latches on, unlatches, looks you in the eye, and says, "Vanilla." Then, gets down and walks away.
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Lucy that's so funny! As though the expected flavor was chocolate, and this vanilla is not up to par.
My dd was nursing a lot during a recent cold. One night she had to keep letting go to cough, then she would latch back on and suck furiously, then let go again and cough. She was clearly getting very frustrated with the coughing. Finally she sat up and said "I need the other side. This one have coughs in it" and flung her self over to the other side and latched back on grumpily.
So you guys may all have chocolate or vanilla. I apparently, have coughs.
Well, I'm new to the extended BFing, but this was my clue that I was no longer nursing a NB... when he was done nursing, he slid down out of my lap and signed "good".
My heart just melted!
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these are great!
Ds asked if he could take 'nana' outside to play with him. "I don't really want to go outside right now," i replied. " No, not you mama," he said with his very condescending laugh,"jus' nana."
He hasn't quite got it yet that my nanas are part of me.
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when they are no longer boob, but have become "boob-too" because he wants some too, after his sister gets done.

or when you say, okay you know mommy is grumpy in the morning so when I get my cup of coffee then you can have your milk while we sit on the couch and watch GMA, and he runs to tell daddy, Make the coffee!!
I love these stories. Dd will be 2 on Monday. Recently she has started to ask for "a quick sip" of me-me if I ask her to wait a minute. It's so adorable that I usually drop what I'm doing immediately.

Also, if we're nursing and she has no shirt on....she will comment by pointing out her "me me" and my "me me". She also says that she has and "other side" (which is what she says when she wants to switch sides).
I'll never forget when one of my girls said "hot, hot,boo-boob!" while nursing! Another time she said, "tiny, tiny boo-boob!" (I didn't think my boobs were all *that* small! LOL!
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