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You ladies are bad bad BAD!

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: :nana:

I come here, lurk around for awhile, waste time when I should be sewing, and next thing you know, I'm a woolie!

I bought 9 soakers for DSs today. 9! I plan to hide the credit card statement from DH as soon as it appears.

But I'll have y'all know I got all 9, plus wool wash and lanolin from doodle bottoms, for right about $100! I'm such a bargain shopper.

I can't wait for these to get here so I can try them on the boys and get these nasty sposies out of my house. No more night pee-throughs for us!

Now I've got to get my hiney in gear and sew some hemp soakers to go under all that fabulous wool. Wish us luck!
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Well, I got 2 Aristocrats and an FFDU off the TP, matching shorts for both boys off Ebay (scroll down for the pic - they're a lot cuter), a lot of 3 soakers (w/one BJ's Marketplace - yay!) off Ebay
, and a cute knitted soaker w/I Love My Dad on the bum off Ebay.

Here's hoping nothing's crap when I get it! :LOL

I can't wait to post pics!
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