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Your Courage

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I have never visited this forum before today. As I sit here fighting this lump in my throat threatening to prevent me from ever swallowing again, tears falling from my eyes faster than I can wipe them away...I can only say I am so sorry for every Mamma who has ever had to or ever will come to post their story here. I feel so deeply for your losses. What courage everyone of you have for sharing your stories. I feel honored to have been allowed to read them. Your words have reached my soul on a very deep level.
Hugs and
love to everyone. Tina
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Thank you for your kind words. Please take what you've learned out into the world with you and educate people who don't have the compassion and understanding that you do. They hurt us over and over again with their ignorance.
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Thank you Tina
And I agree with ST, the best way to honor us and our babies is to pass along the understanding you now have to someone else.
Also, thank you for sharing your feelings after reading our stories.
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