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Your experiences using fertility monitors?

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Hi all-I'm new to this forum (as of quite recently-look at my siggy!) and I'm wondering if any of you all here had any kind of luck using those store-bought fertility monitors. My cycle is usually a bit longer then most (30-33 days) and sometimes it's hard to predict when ovulation will occur. I've been kind half-heartedly charting since I've been so busy lately..but now I'm thinking, hey, let's do this!
If anyone has had any experiences, good or bad, I'd love to hear it.
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I love my fertility monitor. I have the ClearBlue Easy monitor, which is a bit pricey, but I think well worth it. I have a long cycle as well, and it can range from 29-42 days, and charting sounded complicated. Couple my changing cycle with a type A personality, and the monitor was a good fit for me. I have a 2 year old son that I conceived the first month trying with my monitor. AF FINALLY came back this weekend (I just started weaning my son) and I am going to use it to hopefully conceive #2 ASAP.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

I have one too this is my second cycle using it and i love it. it is easy to read and so much less stress than temping.
so worth it. good luck.
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I got pregnant using my CBE! I was on my 8th month of Clomid. You are supposed to ovulate 8 days after taking the clomid, but if I hadn't had the monitor, I wouldn't have seen that I was ovulating 2 days afterwards for some weird reason.
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I've used mine to conceive twice now and I loved it both times!
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Using one now, and wondering if I should pee on a stick in the am!!

I was surprised how easy it is to use, and I was happy to see that I did ovulate!

So far so good, I got mine off the TP fairly inexpensive...
Love love love my monitor. I have an Ovacue, which is different than the Clearblue one.
This is my second month with the Accu-Clear, and last month I don't think it was as accurate as it should have been. I KNOW that I ovulate on CD14 or CD15, and I tested for a few days before, and in the extremely slightest way the line got darker. I wasn't going to keep waiting, so I called the fertility clinic to get shot-up with sperm on CD14 (although, as I said the line was faint & possibly slightly darker than previous days), and when we were in at the clinic, the nurse is commenting on my CM & how I timed it perfectly to come in.

So, here we are again on CD13, and I have a faint line. I am trying to decide to wait an extra day & see what happens tomorrow morning, or to call & make an appt for the clinic tomorrow.

I don't trust these things!
We had been ttc for 8 months, I got the ClearBlue monitor and got pg the 2nd month... so I love it!

I just gave it to my sister the other day who's been trying for awhile so we'll see how it works for her.

Good luck.
I've gotten pregnant with the Clear Blue both times.

Well, the first time was because I couldn't wait until my period came to open the box and check it out. Then my period didn't come...and didn't come...and I was already pregnant. But I still ascribe it to the monitor - because if I'd left it in the box I wouldn't have gotten pregnant so quickly!!

The second time it was invaluable - it let me know that I was having anovulatory cycles, and then it told me exactly when I was ovulating when I did get eggs when my charting was giving me wonky info.

I got mine NIP as well as the sticks for it off ebay - you can always find good deals there.
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