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Your Favorite Organic Brands/Products

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A local grocery store recently rebuilt and really expanded their offerings. They now have a large selection of organic and veg products. They have a cooler and a freezer section as well as nutritional supplements, cleaning products and body care (a whole section of Burt's! J.A.S.O.N! KMF! Seventh Generation! Stuff I've never seen in real life before!) If they don't have it, they want us to tell them to get it. We're talkin' dream come true over here.

We eat everything (including a lot of stuff we shouldn't) but I try to make changes where I can. The only things we avoid are aspartame and honey because I am sensitive to the former, really allergic to the latter.

What are your favorite organic or otherwise "crunchy" products and brands? Pretend we're buddies talking on the phone and I tell you, "Oh oh! We have new healthy stuff at the store now." and you say, "Awesome! You have to try ________!"

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Produce, meat and dairy. That's all I can think of, right now.

Oh, maybe frozen veggies, when fresh isn't available.

Oh, and chicken, veggie and beef broth. Pacific is a good brand.
you might want to check this thread from the other day about good brands of organic dairy.

You should also look at the list of organic produce that is most heavily sprayed...strawberries, peanuts, peppers to name a few
We use Horizon brand for Diary. Ecover dishwasher soap/laundry detergent. Seventh Generation dish liquid. Kiss My Face (but only CERTAIN products because alot of their lotion for one...has parabens in it) Silk soymilk (or Henrys brand..thats my markets brand) Annies, Arrowhead Mills, Fantastic, Burts new fav. brand for jelly (besides grammas homemade) is Mediterranean Organic (I have the raspberry preserves, it's sooo good!), Muir Glen, Wild Oats, Bobs Red Mill, Lundberg (rice), Hain....that's all I can think of for now.

Congrats on the grocery expansion, that rocks!!
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Originally Posted by memory maker
you might want to check this thread from the other day about good brands of organic dairy.

for that link! Horizon gets one of the lowest scores! I've been buying their yogurt, sour cream, butter, cream cheese & some cheese (I dont always buy Horizon cheeses) I just wrote down a bunch of other brands w/ 5 & 4 ratings to check out and buy from now on. Thanks again!
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Thank you for all the suggestions so far. I hope this post doesn't kill the thread, but I won't be around for a few days, maybe. Wanted to say I'm checking back!
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