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Your Life as a Human Test Subject

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The spraying of powdered materials throughout the skies of the world is happening on a daily basis everywhere. This has been going on with increasing frequency since the so-called "Election" of the bush crime family to leadership positions in America. Hardly a day goes by now where jets do not lay down chemical trails in grids and canopies. This is support for technology being used against the population of the world. Its main goal is control of food and water through weather modification, but the vast vast expense of this program, as well as the classified technology of corporations such as Time Domain Corporation, suggest even greater goals are being obtained in conjunction with the attempt to lock down food and water. Monsanto Corporation is also deeply involved in this illegal take-over, and many others. Electro-sensitivity of the soil itself will only allow GM crops to crow eventually. Get it? I knew you would.
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I thought it was gonna be aliens. Sigh. I owe my dh 10 bucks.

I always enjoyed x-files.
Giggle. Snort.

You know, people talked about the "Chemtrails" during the Clinton administration, too. Glad to see there are loonies on both sides of the aisle.
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