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your thoughts on these 2 "signs"

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Ds has always had abdominal distention, and tons of gas. Now, at 21 months, his belly waxes and wanes but is generally very distended. I know that some distention is a normal physiological occurrance for toddlers on account of their spinal curvature, but wonering if anyone here as any insight or experience with this.

I know it's gas, in part, and probably a sign of some intolerance to something he's eating gernerally. We've been on an ED (gluten, soy, corn, dairy, egg) for over 2 months, though not very strict about soy derivatives because I didn't think soy was a culprit.

The second sign is genital grabbing at bedtime. He started this a few weeks ago, after we nurse and lie down, if he's had an eczema/red face flare-up recently he will often reach down and try to grab at, or just signal to one or all of his parts. He's usually wearing unders so I haven't been able to tell exactly what he's bothered by. And this motion is usually accompanied by fussing and being upset, kind of whiney, to full on crying. There is no redness or inflammation and he has never had any diaper rash. My first thougt was yeast, but we don't seem to have any other yeast s/sx. He eats virtually no sugars, save for bananas and occaisonal maple syrup. But still, yeast was my first thought. Anyone have any insight on this one?

Many thanks!!!!!
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Well, I don't have answers, but I'll be watching this post because we have the exact same signs/symptoms.

Distended belly - and it came on over the course of a couple of weeks, not particularly gradually.

LOTS of gas, especially this week when I accidentally ingested lots of wheat over this past weekend.

Genital grabbing at each diaper change. Not playfully, but PULLING and sort of whining. No signs of redness, diaper rash. We do put corn starch powder or one with GSE/TTO on him for about 1/3 of his diaper changes because yeast was my only hypothesis.

And there's the unresolved itchy hands and the scratching of the ears...Last night when I told him he couldn't scratch while he was nursing, he popped off to scratch.
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No ideas except to say that when I took out gluten, dairy, and soy, MY distended belly went away. So maybe there are additional triggers? You could start a yeast protocol because as far as I know, it's not bad for you. But boys are also enthralled with their gloopy gloppies (as DD2 would say) so it could just be a stage.
Thanks Kathy. I feel like it's not just regular exploring though because of the manner and timing that he's doing it. Always right after nursing, before I try to get him to lay down and sleep, he will get fussy and iritable and crying and seem to signal/pat at his crotch. Sometimes we het up and go to the toilet but I don't think that's it either. Maybe I'll never know!
Well my DS rocks his pelvis to go to sleep, so it may be a calming before sleep ritual that he's developing. It's just an alternative thought (believe me, I think everything is a sign of intolerance).
Could be salicylates, like interstitial cystitis irritating the bladder. I experienced this personally (and no I wasn't crotch grabbing
but it hurt like heck!)

I think everything is a sign of intolerance too and with my DS I have to say most of the time I am right. Especially now that I figured out the salicylates. He got eczema, sleep disturbances, irritability and pee leaking and full on accidents from OD'ing on them. Smelly pee sometimes too.
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