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He also hits, bites, pulls hair, kicks, whatever he needs to do to get his way with the other kids. He gets up around 6 am and goes to bed around 9 pm. He sometimes naps but not always. He's a nightmare from morning til night. I have to lock things up that I never had to lock up with my other kids. He is into absolutely everything. He usually has three or four serious temper tantrums by lunchtime. I've tried to watch his diet,
Hi, Amy. I think the questions above were excellent. When I was reading yoru post, I kept thinking dairy allergy. You answered he only gets milk on his cereal, but *dairy* is present in my other things; many of those things people don't even realize. A child sensitive to it will react to even miniscule amounts and hidden dairy. Does he have cheese? Yogurt? Butter? The energy profile, sensory seeking and sleep habits are classic dairy allergy signs. The rage and tantrums, too.

One other idea that came to mind is to impose as much routine and schedule as possible on him and to make sure to include texture play. This will give him a predictable day and the texture play will give him a appopriate outlet for some of that energy.
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