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I just had to say that I think it is unwelcome and inappropriate that you continue to come on this forum and 'answer' questions with acusations of things 'being dangerous' with no evidence and pointing people to your book (for purchase) for solutions.<br>
This is a natural family living communtiy, not the home shopping network.<br>
If you would like to offer sound advice please, by all means, support is always welcome here.<br>
But, I for one, am getting tired of reading posts and feeling like you are pushing your book on everyone who is coming here in earnest looking for information and help.<br><br>
If you would like to sell books please go to the trading post or call borders or barnes and noble and just leave us be.<br><br>
(and if your book does contian answers to helping dental problems in children we will be sure to reccomend it to each other)<br><br><br>
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