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Yoys for a 5 yr old?

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Hello there!
I have 2 daughters, the eldest of whom is 4.5 yrs old. My MIL has asked for suggestions for her birthday. She is homeschooled, & I have begun to incorporate certain waldorf principles to our daily life. Please could i ask for suggestions for toys that would be suitable for her when she turns 5?
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My daughter is 4.5 and she loves...
-playsilks and dress up
-wooden puzzles
-houseplay i.e. kitchen stuff
-anything to do with fairies
I have a 5 year old daughter and she loves her kitchen, doll house, wooden figures and trees. She also loves blocks, art supplies and dolls.
My daughter is 6, but she loves the same things she loved as a five year old. Her favorites are:
Top favorite: Doll play-waldorf dolls with clothes, bedding, baskets to carry them in or use as beds, etc.
play silks
modelling beeswax
beeswax crayons
anything "house play"
dollhouse and dolls
fairy tree house with fairy dolls
wooden and knitted farm animals
Tony (he'll be 5 in Nov) loves wooden blocks and building toys, the sandbox, and swings. He also loves to look at books with beautiful illustrations.

For his 5th birthday, I'm looking at Native American dress up stuff (from, an Elsa Baskow book (Woody, Hazel and Little Pip), The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (a big storybook) and a treasure chest (he likes to dress up as a pirate).

If she is open to ordering gifts from a catalog/online, Nova Naturals sells great quality wooden and creative "Waldorf" toys. I do not care for their playsilks, however. I'd order those from or .

My well meaning ILs have given us a few Melissa and Doug toys (because they are wooden), and I would NOT recommend those. We've had issues with chipping paint, and since they are mostly made in China, I don't trust the paint at all. I've thrown them in the garbage.

I think the nicest gifts are always the homemade ones. Is there anything your mom does that she could create something for your dd? A homemade tutu or a poem and a seashell?

Or is there a big ticket item (a wooden kitchen, a Waldorf doll with a couple of outfits) that she could help you buy?

Have fun finding beautiful gifts for your daughter!
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Thankyou so much, everyone.
I think i will look into the whole fairy thing. She has never been into dolls, although i had great fun/stress! making a waldorf doll for her baby sister, just recently. We have just begun to home school, so have recently bought lots of book, art supplies & wooden puzzles etc. hmmm...any specific fairy suggestions?
My daughter has these fairies:
And DH made her a tree house for them, similar to this:
She has accessories to go with it that we've collected over time: tiny baskets, sea shells, pretty stones, beds made out of felt, etc.
Mama2E&, you have a clever hubby!
Well, i have chosen a unicorn-drawn carriage filled with wee fairies for dd's birthday *&* for Christmas, i tracked down a maufacturer in the UK for the tree house, & I am getting one for my 2 girls as their Christmas gift (these are gifts from MIL, as I have already done my birthday/Christmas shopping for the girls
: ) Dont i have a great MIL!?!?!?!
Thankyou so much, for your suggestions, ladies.
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