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yum yum yum in my tum tum tum

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i just ate the YUMMIEs meal.. my belly is all warm and happy.. i have been sooo hungry the last two days.. i made carrot and kale soup with ramen noodles and crispy tofu (cooked in a hot cast iron pqan with only a tiny bit of oil) the base was just organic vegetable broth and i put a squirt of hot sauce in it becaus eive been cold all day. it was very yummy.. baby is sloshing around already. i think she is enjoying it too!

so... what are the things that make your tummy happy these days?
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My answer these days is EVERYTHING! lol The nausea is about 98% gone and it is just sooooooooooooooooo nice to enjoy food again.

We found some organic gala apples on sale that have been quite yummy. I was brave enough to buy an avocado again so I am just waiting for it to ripen. Tonight we are having homemade pizza!
The only thing really doing it for me right now is fresh fruit juice - like, fresh blended peach/pear/pineapple juice, etc etc.
Yesterday's was meatloaf! It was so delicious!!!
My big thing, this week anyway, is fruit. Grapes, apples, nectarines, all sounds good to me.
I think it may actually be b/c I'm trying to seriously cut down on the refined sugar in my diet and my poor body is saying, hey, wait a minute, I like that stuff!

I'm actually looking for some good diet guidelines if you ladies know of or us any. I've looked at the Brewer diet, but I'm not totally sure about it mostly b/c I don't think I can handle 2 eggs every day. I'm just not so sure I'm getting what I need and I left my prenatals at my mom's (I'm not so sure they are the greatest in the first place).

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Christa -- you might want to look into the "Nourishing Traditions" way of eating if you are not averse to animal products. They claim the diet to be especially good for prental, kids, etc. I am following it as much as I can but I eat way more flour products than I did before pregnant because sometimes it was all I could get down (pasta, crackers, toast, etc). They have a board here related to Nourishing Traditions (NT).

But I am getting my appetite back -- yay! What a relief to be able to eat again, even though I didn't have bad MS I just had trouble eating and so far have gained no weight although my belly has grown.

Now I hope I can eat more deliberately, choosing nourishing foods -- and my CSA veggie boxes start this week -- I cannot wait for those awesome awesome veggies!!!!!
I am totally digging fruit- I made a huge fruit salad this weekend with fresh pineapple, canteloupe, strawberries, grapes and walnuts and I've already eaten the entire thing will a tiny bit of help from dh and ds. I could (and do) eat berries every day!

I love love love yogurt with fruit and nuts or honey, flax seed, or wheat germ. I get yummy horizon organic yogurt or greek yogurt.

tonight we had burmese food which is SO delish- all my recipes for this week take a long time to make and I was starving so I had to order out. I have a big pot of black beans cooking for tomorrow night.
I got tonights dinner idea from that bakery we discovered on Sunday. They have a little deli and I saw these little portabello mushroom stacks. So I made them for dinner tonight and they were a big hit. Dh is downstairs still rumaging the leftovers (he likes to snack after dinner... he's skinny as a rail no matter how much he eats. It's not fair.)
So I roasted a few red peppers and then peeled them, and then roasted four huge portabello mushroom caps. Then I made a reduction sauce with Braggs Liquid Aminos, raw Apple Cider vinegar, a touch of vegatable stock, a minced clove of garlic, ginger, dry mustard and a dusting of cayenne. I drizzled that over the underside of the mushrooms when they were done roasting. Then I sliced some fresh mozzarella cheese (the soft kind... it's heavenly) and tore up a few fresh basil leaves. Oh, and carmelized a small onion and pan fried a chicken breast in its own juices with no oil. I used the juices from the chicken in the water that I cooked the basmati rice in to add an extra kick of flavor to the rice. And then I quartered and toasted a few whole wheat pitas too for some crunch.
I assembled the portabello stacks (mushroom, cheese, roasted pepper, onion, chicken (pulled off the bone), basil), drizzled a little more of the sauce over the top of the stack, served it with the rice, and a couple of pita quarters and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMM!!!
Wow. I couldn't believe how wonderful it all tasted. And looked. And plus everything turned out perfectly. It's really hard for me to cook when I am pregnant for some reason but maybe my new kitchen is inspiring me, i don't know.
Dh is still raving about dinner.
Plus ds was so cute, he kept wanting more roasted pepper and when I gave him some mushroom to try he just squeezed it in his hand and the black mushroom juice went down his arm!
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ive been eating a lot of fruit too.. especially necatarines! they make my mouth water thinking about it.. i looked it up and they are high in vit C and A, so thats good.. ive been snacking on raw almonds and dried apricots which make me feel great. raw almonds are supposed to help with heartburn, which im experiencing a bit these days, and it does seem to really help, plus they are very good for momma and baby.

im craving protein these days.. ive been drinking milk ( organic 1% or skim) which is weird for me.. sometimes i just need a kick of protein fast though and it does the trick.. im craving the organic turkey sausages from the store faw away again though,.... ak! if only i could drive.. id probably gain a lot more weight if i could have everything i want in a moments notice, thats for sure. i tend to snack on healthier alternatives because its generally what we have in the house.

isnt it fun enjoying food again?
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Yep, lovin' the fruit -- especially watery fruit like pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe...
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