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I saw your new sig and had to take a peek! I was a little suspicious of what was following the first link given the domain, and it took a minute to figure it all out! How cool is that?! Will that be published, or has it been? I know you've posted the pic of the boys before but it was neat to see the wedding pic, too.

Anyhow, just thought it was neat! So do tell more!
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Yes, YumaDoula, love the pics. What a great idea! Your dh must be a keeper
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Yeah, he's a keeper except for today when he came home from work and I had cleaned both bathrooms (including SCRUBBING the tubs on my darn hands and knees) and put away all the clean laundry, and the first thing he said was, "Wow, the kitchen is really messy!"

Anyway, I get People magazine and one day there was an ad for cute wedding stories/ugly bridesmaid dresses/funny proposals/etc, so of course I sent in a pic of ours.

Dh and I met on the internet when the boys were about 2mos, and I was really upfront about having twin boys and wanting a serious relationship that would lead to marriage/fatherhood for the boys, and right away he said that was a good plan! We lived x-country and he flew out every other weekend to visit. We had talked about getting married and I was sort of waiting for a proposal when he came to visit one weekend and said, "I got the boys these really cute outfits, I want to show you," and he asked me to leave the room while he got dressed. I was so surprised when I came back in the room!

My parents hired a private investigator to check him out and make sure he was a nice normal person. He was. The investigator told my parents he was very nerdy. PERFECT!

Anyway, their birth "dad" (term I use VERY loosely) fought it in court when we petitioned for Dustin to adopt them, but eventually the court sided with us (and then birth "dad" appealed and we won again. And again. This went on for 2 years.)

So now we are one big happy family. When dh appreciates me cleaning the bathroom, at least!
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I remember this story from MOTW! How fun to be in a magazine. BTW, your kids are so cute.

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How do you feel about cloning your hubby?

LOL, he does have 2 sisters, but as he's a bit of a caretaker, they're a little spoiled. (But not like me. Ha.)
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