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Zicam Cold Remedy While Nursing a Toddler

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hi --
has anyone out there used zicam cold remedy nasal gel / spray while nursing?

i know it's homeopathic but i still want to double and triple check! the box says to ask your doctor re: use if you are pregnant or nursing (just like EVERYTHING out there

i have used other homeopathic remedies (Boiron) while nursing so...

also, if you have used zicam, did it work for you? sounds too good to be true but i hope it works!

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Personally, I would not use it while pregnant or nursing. The company (I called when I was pregnant) suggests you speak with your doctor and doctors don't know much, or anything, about it! Neither do pharmacists.
Vicious circle!!

As far as nursing, my guess is that it probably wouldn't the baby, but no research has been done on pregnant OR nursing women. It is NOT recommended for children, and they give no reason for this warning.

Last time I checked Hale's site on this product, he had no information on it crossing into the milk supply. Again, there has been NO research done in this area.

Personally, I am not a believer in homeopathic medicines (I tried some from a reputable physician and got as sick as anything from these so-called "harmless-no-side-effects" drugs. I was, literally, on the floor!). I really wouldn't try something while pregnant or nursing. Just because something is "natural" doesn't make it safe!

On the other hand, dh uses Zicam at the first sign of feeling cold-like, and swears it stopped the symptoms! He also takes it whenever he travels by plane (recycled air, yech) as a preventative, and hasn't been sick at all. Zicam? Luck?? Who knows...
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